Customer Lead and Qualification Survey Template

Customer Lead and Qualification Survey template is a B2B survey template that is carefully designed by experts at QuestionPro. This survey template consists of 10+ questions that can be easily customized to suit the needs of a researcher. This sample survey template can be used to collect data and information from customers/consumers for budget assigned to a particular product or service, purchasing intent of an organization, just to name a few. This questionnaire can be used for qualifying customer leads.

Please indicate which of the following products you own:
Yes No
Product 1
Product 2
Product 3
Product 4
Product 5
Product 6
Product 7

Please indicate when you last purchased a [Company] product?
0-3 months ago
3-6 months ago
6-12 months ago
12-24 months ago
24+ months ago

Please indicate the types of products you may be interested in purchasing or learning more about:
Product 1
Product 2
Product 3
Product 4
Product 5
Product 6
Product 7
To help us serve you better, please tell us about your business:

Number of employees at your site:
Annual budget for this product category:

Other (Please Specify)
Are you the person responsible for updates/purchases?
Is there another person in your organization who is responsible for purchasing [Product Class] or services?

Thank you!
Permission to contact you via e-mail?

Why conduct Customer Lead and Qualification Survey Template?

From a marketing/sales point of view, a lead is someone that could potentially become a fulltime client/customer. What defines it as a lead is the fact that an individual/company has expressed an interest in what an organization or a business has to sell or offer.

  • Leads can be acquired through many different channels, from referrals through customers, white paper or ebooks etc. The origin of this lead, along with relevant information helps an organization or business determine how qualified the lead is, which means wherein customer purchase cycle this individual or company is.
  • QuestionPro’s Customer Lead and Qualification sample survey is carefully curated by experts and consists of relevant questions that can determine if an inquiry qualifies as lead or not. This sample survey template can be easily customized to suit to the needs of a researcher and questions can be added to this sample survey template at the click of a button.

Best Uses of Customer Lead and Qualification Survey Template

An organization or company’s marketing team is usually responsible for lead generation. A marketing qualified lead means, that there are greater chances of the individual/company to qualify to become a potentially successful consumer/customer.

  • To make sure an organization gets no false alarms, deploying this sample survey template with customized questions can gain organizations qualified leads.
  • A lead generation and qualification form can help organizations/businesses collect information from potential clients/customers and know why they are contacting the business and it is important for organizations to keep a track of these potential clients so that they can be converted into real-time business.

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