Dealer Feedback Survey Template

Concept Evaluation and Pricing Study Survey Template by QuestionPro offers questions which can be used to garner feedback about concepts and pricing for an upcoming product or feature. This questionnaire includes questions about a technology, whether a particular niche of the audience will be accepted towards the inclusion of the technology in the product line, insights about the concept etc. By editing the examples mentioned in the template, marketers can send effective surveys across to their target audience.

1. This survey is about a new [product/service] concept that is described as follows:

2. How would you best describe your familiarity with the product/service described above?
I was not aware of such a product/service
Somewhat aware
Have investigated or researched such products
Seen a demo of a similar product
Have purchased or regularly used a product like this
3. If you are a current user, how long have you used [Product/Service]?
Under 1 month
1-6 months
6 months to 1 year
1-2 years
3 years or more
Do not currently use
4. How often could you find a use for this [Product/Service]?
Once a week or more often
2-3 times a month
Once a month
Every 2-3 months
2-3 times a year
Once a year
Do not use
5. Based on the description, how interested would you be in buying this new [Product/Service] if priced within your budget?
Not at all interested
Not very interested
Not sure
Somewhat interested
Very interested
6. What is it that you like most about the [Product/Service]?
7. What do you like least about the [Product/Service]?
8. Which of the following best describes your need for this product?

I really need this product because nothing else can solve this problem.
This is a minor improvement over what I currently use.
Looks okay but is about the same as what I'm using now.
My current product would serve me better.
I am not at all interested in this product.
9. About what would you expect to pay for a new [Product/Service] like the one described? (Nearest dollar)
10. At what price would this new product begin to look inexpensive or cheap? Select one.
FMV + 30%
FMV + 20%
FMV + 10%
FMV + 5%
[Enter estimated FMV]
FMV - 5%
FMV - 10%
FMV - 20%
FMV - 30%
11. At what price would the product begin to look so expensive that you would never consider buying it?

FMV + 30%
FMV + 20%
FMV + 10%
FMV + 5%
[Enter estimated FMV]
FMV - 5%
FMV - 10%
FMV - 20%
FMV - 30%
12. If you knew that the average price of [Product/Service] was $[Enter Price], would you expect to pay more or less to buy the described product/service?
(20-30%) more
(5-10%) more
No more, no less
(5-10%) less
(20-30%) less

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