Corporate Marketing Evaluation Survey Template

Corporate Marketing Evaluation Survey Template by QuestionPro has 30+ questions to evaluate the competitive positioning and effectiveness of marketing activities conducted by an organization. This is an editable questionnaire example which helps in understanding the impact of various branding activities, marketing strategies, performance of advertising activities and competitor analysis of all these activities. It is a QuestionPro sample that survey creators mainly use to develop strategies and have an edge over the others in the market.

In considering the overall direction of the company's marketing effort, how would you rate:
Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
The company's vision and direction.
The overall company operations today, compared with a year ago?
The financial strength of the company?
The efficiency of workflow in the company?
Is the company skill in marketing products?
The ability to develop strong consumer promotions?
The regular introduction of new products?
The introduction of new, innovative packaging?
The company's focus on improving customer satisfaction?
The quality of relationships with distributors?
Is the company effectiveness with retailers?
The quality of the promotional activites?
The quality of the sales support materials?
Doing Business With The Company
Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
Company leadership is fully committed to the long-term success of their sales partners.
Top management responds adequately to needs in the marketplace.
Top management strengthens the company's competitive position.
Company leadership can be trusted to do what they say they will do.
Company leadership is committed to supporting and work with the sales team.
The company and the sales team are unified, moving in one direction together.
The company and the sales team share a positive, winning attitude.
There are effective communications between the promotion agency and the company.
The promotion agency listens to and understands the sales team's needs.
The company's marketing is aligned in support of the sales network.
There is effective communications between the company's marketing group and the sales teams in the field.
The marketing group listens to and understands sales teams' needs.
Employees understand the company's vision and values.
How effective would you judge...
Very Effective Effective Neutral Ineffective Very Ineffective
The strategic direction of (Brand).
The marketing plans for (Brand).
The company's investment in brand marketing this year.
The company's plan for media advertising.
The advertising creative executions.
The (Brand Slogan) advertising for (Product).
The company's planned channel support.
In evaluating the (Company's) competitive position, we are:
aggressively pursuing market leadership.
flexible in meeting customer's needs.
reactive, following major competitors' actions.
less effective than other competitors.

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