Internet Habits and Uses Survey Template

Internet Habits and Uses Survey Template offers questions to gain insights about customer internet habits and preferences. QuestionPro questionnaire sample includes question options about customer's internet surfing skills, demographic information and other such information.

How comfortable do you feel using the Internet?
Very comfortable
Somewhat comfortable
Neither comfortable nor uncomfortable
Somewhat uncomfortable
Very uncomfortable
How satisfied are you with your current skills for using the Internet?
Very satisfied - I can do everything that I want to do
Somewhat satisfied - I can do most things I want to do
Neither satisfied nor unsatisfied
Somewhat unsatisfied - I can't do many things I would like to do
Very unsatisfied - I can't do most things I would like to do
How comfortable do you feel using computers, in general?
Very comfortable
Somewhat comfortable
Neither comfortable nor uncomfortable
Somewhat uncomfortable
Very uncomfortable
Some websites ask for you to register with the site by providing personal information. What percent of the time do you enter false information when asked to register?
Rather not say
I've never falsified information
Under 25% of the time
26 - 50% of the time
51 - 75% of the time
Over 75% of the time
I've never registered with a site
Do you purchase more products and services on the web, either for yourself or for your work/business? (Please check all that apply)
Not applicable
Never tried it
Too complicated to place order
Faster/easier to purchase locally
Not familiar with vendor
Don't trust that my credit card number will be secure
No receipt/documentation
Difficult to judge the quality of a product/service
Not enough information to make a decision
Generally uncomfortable with the idea

In your opinion, what is the single most critical issue facing the Internet?

Finding things/navigating around
Government regulation
Equal access for all
Internet crime (e.g. hatecrimes, stalking)
Paying for online services or information
Which of these groups have you become more connected to through the Internet? (Please check all that apply.)
People who share my political interests
People who share my hobbies/recreational activities
People who share my religion
People in my profession
People in my family
People in similar life situations (e.g. self-help groups, support groups)
Other groups

Complete the following sentence in the way that comes closest to your own views: "Since getting on the Internet, I have..."
become MORE connected with people like me.
become LESS connected with people like me.
Don't know/can't say
Which of the following have you done? Please check all that apply.
Ordered a product/service from a business, government or educational entity by filling out a form on the web
Made a purchase online for more than $100
Created a web page
Customized a web page for yourself (e.g. My Yahoo, CNN Customer News)
Changed your browser's "startup" or "home" page
Changed your "cookie" preferences
Participated in an online chat or discussion (not including e-mail)
Listened to a radio broadcast online
Made a telephone call online
Used a nationwide online directory to find an address or telephone number
Taken a seminar or class about the Web or Internet
Bought a book to learn more about the Web or Internet


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