Multilingual Surveys

Can I do surveys in any language?

Yes. We have full internationalization (i18n) and we support 66 languages, including multi-byte character set languages like Chinese and Japanese.

How do I go about creating multilingual surveys?

After creating the survey in the default/primary survey language:

  • Go to Login » Surveys (Select Survey) » Edit » Languages
  • Click + Add Other Languages in order to add languages to your survey.
  • Check the box next to the languages you want to use for your survey.
  • Click Save Changes.

Survey Software Help Image

The languages as well as the screener question will be added to the Language Versions dashboard as below:

Survey Software Help Image

Where can I change the header, footer, survey buttons, etc.?

  • Go to Language/Multilingual section.
  • Under Language Version, click Manage Interface Translations for the language.
  • Enter in the translations against the original text. System validation prompts will automatically be displayed in the correct language. Note: In some cases, we may not have the translations for all the prompts. In such cases, please contact technical support to get these prompts added.

On the live survey, after selecting the language, I am getting a translation missing error. How can I add translations for the surveys?
If translation for the question/answer text is not added, you will see translation missing error. You can import translations by uploading an Excel file containing translations.

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